About Us

Support in Mind Scotland Tayside provides a range of services to support relatives, partners and friends of someone who has a mental illness.

We offer a completely free and confidential service in the form of:

Individual support such as:

  • Home visits
  • Telephone support
  • Support via email

In addition we can offer:-

  • Emotional support
  • Information and advice on coping strategies
  • A range of information about mental health
  • Access to informative speakers on mental health issues
  • Signposting to other relevant services


We offer monthly support group meetings where carers can meet with people who have similar experiences, to talk, exchange views, support each other and also take part in some fun activities if they wish, all in a very relaxed atmosphere.

When we use the word ‘carer’ we refer to anyone who has a relationship with someone who is experiencing mental health issues/illness. Carers do not have to be living with the person with these issues, they just need to care about him or her.



If you would like to use your own views and experiences to help develop and improve the quality of mental health services across the region please see further details on our CARER INVOLVEMENT PAGE


The Project is funded by, but is independent of, NHS and local authority services.

Support in Mind Scotland is the operating name of the National Schizophrenia Fellowship (Scotland), a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland SC088179.

Charity Number SC013649.